Which Weather Condition Causes the Most Accidents?

What weather condition makes the roads most dangerous? Ice? No. Snow? Guess again. Rain? Yes. Federal data proves that rain causes more car accident-related deaths than snow in 39 different states. In fact, about 7,000 individuals die every year in car accidents due to weather conditions. But why does rain make the roads so hazardous? Below are some answers to this question.

  • Roads become slick.
  • Rain can make roads even more slippery if oil residue is on the ground.
  • Rain can impair the visibility of drivers.


Although you may not be able to refrain from driving in the rain, there are a few driving habits you can practice to keep you and your family safe during these next few rainy months. Below, our San Jose car accident lawyers have listed some helpful driving tips for when you travel in the rain:

  • Use your turn signals sooner when you want to switch lanes. This will allow other drivers to see you with enough time to react if needed.
  • Never hit your brakes suddenly. Aggressive braking can cause your tires to lock up, making your vehicle slip uncontrollably.
  • Gently accelerate. This will keep your vehicle from sliding around.
  • If your car begins to hydroplane, remove your feet from all control pedals, hold the steering wheel straight, and refrain from making any sudden driving maneuvers until your tires regain traction with the road.


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