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When someone is tragically and prematurely taken from a family, the surviving family members can respond in several ways. If you are facing an emotional trauma and feel as though there is no possible way to seek justice for the wrong that has been done to your family, know that you can have a trusted partner at your side.

At Mitchell & Danoff Law Firm, our lead attorney, Tab Mitchell, sympathizes with the type of pain you are experiencing and can assist you with taking action to help your family.

Having been in a devastating motorcycle accident himself, Attorney Mitchell knows the level of compassion and genuine understanding that is needed to help you get through your painful situation.

Allow our San Jose personal injury attorney to show support and care for you at this time. We can handle all of the legal matters involving a wrongful death claim so that you can begin healing from your pain and heartache. We prepare every case thoroughly from day one so that we can bring you quick relief for today and lasting peace of mind for tomorrow.

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Compensation in a Fatal Car Accident

Car accidents are incredibly common, but a fatal car accident can be one of the most painful and emotional events that a family will have to endure. Motor vehicle crashes are among the top causes of personal injury and fatality. According to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, there were 3,811 drivers involved in fatal car accidents reported in 2012 alone.

If you have lost your loved one in a fatal accident, our San Jose car accident lawyer can make certain that you receive the maximum compensation for:

  • Medical expenses accrued prior to fatality
  • Lost earning potential, loss of wages, or future loss of wages due to recovery time
  • Loss of companionship and loss of consortium
  • Pain and suffering
  • Funeral expenses and burial costs

Every family has rights and protections under the law. Holding the at-fault party or company responsible for their negligence is an important step in the right direction. Not only may it help you find closure after your tragic loss, but it may also award you compensation for the losses and expenses that come after the accident.

Many families are left with heavy financial burdens and a severe economic disadvantage—a claim for wrongful death may alleviate these unfortunate circumstances. Obtaining the financial compensation that you need can provide temporary relief in the form of paying for any of your financial obligations. Let us focus on your financial security so you may focus on the process of healing and preparing for the future.

Hire Mitchell & Danoff Law Firm to Help You Seek Justice after a Tragedy.

If you lost a loved one in an accident that was caused by no fault of your own, do not think you have to pay out of pocket for someone else’s misconduct. Whether your loved one was a driver or a passenger, was involved in a big rig truck accident, was struck by a speeding driver, was involved in a rollover, or was struck in an intersection, know that your loved one’s rights can be protected fiercely by our dedicated litigator and legal team.

Call our San Jose car accident lawyer at (831) 219-2110 to learn more about how we can help bring your family peace of mind and a sense of closure after such a tragedy.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I hire a lawyer for my personal injury case?

    There are several reasons for hiring a lawyer to represent you in your personal injury claim, rather than representing yourself. 1.) It allows you to focus on your own recovery, rather than the complicated details of your case. 2.) By hiring a skilled personal injury attorney to research your case and represent you in court, your chances of success improve drastically.

  • How long will my personal injury case take to resolve?

    This number can vary from one case to another, depending on the details of your situation. A lawsuit can take anywhere from several months to several years to settle.

  • What is the average settlement amount for a personal injury claim?

    The average compensation amount for a personal injury case is anywhere from $3,000 to $75,000, depending on what type of damages you are pursuing.

  • Does California put damage caps on claims for personal injury cases?

    No, only Medical Malpractices cases have a cap. California Civil Code section 3333.2 sets a cap on the amount of non-economic damages (pain and suffering) that can be recovered in a medical malpractice case. The maximum amount that may be recovered is $250,000. All other Personal Injury cases are not subject to any cap.