Will Proposed Trucking Regulations Endanger Americans?

Every year, roughly 4,000 people are involved and killed in truck accidents. Studies show the amount of fatalities caused in big rig collisions have increased by 17% since 2009. The rate of injuries caused by these types of accidents has also increased by 28%. Still, members of Congress are increasing efforts to loosen the restrictions on the trucking industry. Has the shortage of truck drivers become more important than the lives of Americans?

Recently, proposals for the following changes have been presented:

  • Attempting to lower the federal driver age from 21 to 18
  • Trying to extend maximum length and width restrictions
  • Making an effort to allow drivers to work longer weeks
  • Attempting to remove safety ratings from the websites of trucking firms

Reports show the trucking industry has pursued these goals by spending large amounts of money on campaign contributions and petitioning as well as contributing many expenses to the Republican Party, which controls the House and Senate.

Persons in favor of these changes state these changes will cut the amount of injuries and fatalities caused in big rig accidents by reducing the amount of trucks needed on the road. Of course, many believe these proposals, if approved, will increase the amount of chaos and destruction caused by these large vehicles. The trucking industry will be enriched while the safety of Americans will be jeopardized.


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