Merced Bus Accident Lawyer

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Fatal Bus Accident Kills 4 People and Injuring Dozens More in Merced County

The fatal bus accident that split the bus in half from the Hammatt Ave, road sign on Hwy 99 in Merced County is being investigated on how the accident happened. Eyewitness news abc 7 reporter Melanie Woodrow article “Driver in deadly Merced County bus crash had history of violations” states based on confirmation from the DMV that Vasquez had a history of driving violations.

The roughly 30 passengers on the charter bus traveling from Mexico to Washington and family members lives were changed forever and are going to want answers to how this happened.

Tab Mitchell states “This is truly a catastrophic event and it just goes to show us that even professional commercial drivers of of these huge buses and trucks with significant driving experience under their belts can and do make monumental mistakes. In an instant, five completely innocent victims needlessly lost their lives and so many more were seriously injured — what a tragedy!”

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