Do Self-Driving Cars Cause More Accidents Than Conventional Vehicles?

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A recent study titled “A Preliminary Analysis of Real-World Crashes Involving Self-Driving Vehicles” reports that self-driving cars are five times more likely to be involved in car accidents than conventional vehicles. When considering the amount of accidents involving conventional cars that are not reported, accidents involving self-driving vehicles are still twice as common as conventional automobiles.

While the injuries in most of the accidents involving self-driving vehicles have been minor, the amount of accidents proves that these vehicles can pose greater safety threats to others on the road. Researchers state that drivers who lack confidence in or knowledge about their vehicles can contribute to the higher probability for collisions.

Additionally, conductors of the study state that the majority of accidents involving self-driving vehicles have involved other cars crashing into them. Therefore, these accidents cannot be contributed to drivers of self-driving vehicles exclusively. However, the study does state that majority of the accidents involving self-driving cars occurred during the last year, the time at which more self-driving vehicles appeared on roads.


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