Are You Night Driving to Avoid Traffic Over the Thanksgiving Break?

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Over the Thanksgiving break, roads, highways, and freeways become more congested than ever. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states Thanksgiving weekend is the most traveled holiday of the year. This is because many people are visiting the homes of family and friends to celebrate the holidays with those dearest to them.

To avoid the crazy traffic jams, you may choose to drive at night. While this can help you avoid delays and car accidents caused by impatient drivers, driving during the late night hours can be dangerous because you can become sleepy or fatigued, leaving you at risk for serious harm.

If you choose to drive during late at night to avoid Thanksgiving traffic, consider the safety tips we have listed below:

  • Drink a caffeinated beverage, such as coffee, tea, or an energy drink, during or before your drive.
  • Chew on gum for the duration of your drive.
  • Take a nap before getting behind the wheel.
  • Sleep the correct amount of hours the night before you are planning to drive late at night.
  • Play music that will keep you awake. Usually, fast-pace music can help keep a person alert and focused.
  • Rotate drivers every couple of hours.
  • Do not consume alcohol on the day you choose to drive late.
  • If you start to feel sleepy while driving, pull over into a safe area and take a nap. Wait to regain full alertness before getting behind the wheel.


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