Is Your Makeup Dangerous? A Form of Distracted Driving

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Any kind of distracted driving is dangerous driving. In fact, in 2011, over 3,000 people were killed in car accidents involving distracted drivers. However, when most people consider distracted driving, they think of drivers who are texting, talking on the phone, manipulating the radio, eating, or other distracting behaviors. Few realize that a driver applying makeup is also considered a distracted driver.

In fact, drivers applying makeup are considered visually, physically, and cognitively distracted all at the same time. This creates an extremely dangerous road condition for the driver applying makeup as well as all other passenger vehicle occupants. Below is an explanation of how a driver applying makeup is distracted in all three categories.

Physically Distracted:
A person applying makeup while driving is physically distracted since their hands occupy other matters aside from controlling the steering wheel. This is dangerous since the driver will be unable or less likely to make appropriate maneuvers if need be since he/she does not have both hands on the steering wheel.

Visually Distracted:
A person applying makeup while driving participates in visually distracted driving since their eyes are less involved with what is happening on the road and more focused on the mirror being used to apply makeup. It has been reported that majority of drivers that apply makeup while driving will adjust the rearview mirror to face themselves. This creates an extremely dangerous situation since the driver is not able to focus on the road ahead.

Cognitively Distracted:
A person applying makeup while driving is cognitively distracted since his/her mind is focused on other matters aside from road, traffic, and driving conditions. This is extremely dangerous because these drivers are less likely to react to a road situation in timely manner. In fact, a cognitively distracted driver needs 3 seconds to react to situation. This is double the amount of time an alert driver needs to react appropriately.


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